About Me

I grew up on a family farm in North West Victoria, with an older sister, a younger brother and a big mob of cousins and extended family.

As a child I loved creating - in my younger years mud pies were my specialty, moving onto more complicated and complex concoctions that included flowers, bark, and whatever else I could get my hands on!

My mum had a beautiful garden, full of bright flowers, native bushes, green luscious trees, creeping vines and so much more. My dad spent hours in the big vegetable patch down the back and our fruit trees included oranges, lemons, plums, mulberry, and apricot to name a few.

From a young age I was at home in the kitchen; whether it be baking cakes for shearing season, preparing tomato sauce and relish in the summer, stirring a pot of apricot jam, making bread or helping to prepare dinner. It was here I experienced some of my most treasured memories and my greatest failures, but mostly it was a place of warmth, familiarity and contentment.

Food has been an integral part of my upbringing and remains a shared passion for our family today. I think that Julia Childs had our family figured out when she said -


 “People who love to eat are always the best people”  




Today I work part-time for Department of Education as an Occupational Therapist and enjoy fermenting anything I can get my hands on in my free time. In more recent times, my interest in health has cultivated an ongoing urge for me to be the best version of myself from the inside out. I have a love for food and especially wholesome foods that nourish my soul.

In creating Fermentagious I hope to share my food adventures, encourage people to get curious and mostly spreading my abundant love for fermenting.

Big Love,